Lazeez Tapas Summer 2018

It’s been a busy summer here at our Duke Street restaurant.  We carried out some light refurbishment to smarten up the interior of the restaurant in June and also replaced the carpeting on the floor of our popular terrace.

At the same time, we introduced a brand-new lunch and dinner menu which is served on lovely new crockery and have also replaced a number of our older shishas with some brand-new ones from Egypt.

We celebrated our re-launch with a small evening gathering on a sunny evening here in London, where our guests got the opportunity to sample our new menu and meet each other whilst sipping refreshing cocktails.

We have also had some staff changes, so if you are a regular at Lazeez you may well notice some new faces behind the bar and serving you.

We are delighted to have received some complimentary reviews about our new menu and restaurant with The Londonist saying: “As with the mezze style of dining, there’s nothing so structured as courses and we switch between dishes throughout – the best way to share a meal, if you ask us. The bread is refilled and there are plenty of dips to keep us going. The Motabaal offers an alluring aubergine alternative to the houmous.”  You can read their full review by clicking here.

Mayfair Curated popped in for lunch in July and talks about how well we cater for vegetarians and says: “As a vegetarian, I was very well catered for at Lazeez. The fresh Lebanese tapas was delicious; I particularly enjoyed the classic houmous and the beetroot houmous, which I was advised needs to be freshly made twice a day to ensure the best flavour. The aubergine moussaka was rich and tasty, perfectly suited to a tapas-size portion. The falafel too is a must-try – we were very full by the time we tasted it but it was one of the best I’ve had in London.”  You can read their full review by clicking here.

On In London particularly likes the way we grill our meat and says: “The great thing about the menus is that all cuts of meat are grilled over charcoal and provides an great taste. Some of their signature dishes such as whole grilled seabass with fattoush salad and hummus will also feature. On the tapas menu there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan choices such as homemade hummus and patata harra (spicy fried potatoes).”  You can read their review by clicking here.

And finally, KCW Today like the simplicity of our Lebanese cuisine and say: “The food was indeed simple, with a multitude of small and very tasty dishes arriving to completely fill our table. Despite the simplicity and modest cost, it was of high quality; a delight of different tastes.”  You can read their review by clicking here.

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