Giving back to the community


The Felix Project was founded in 2016 and helps to deliver millions of meals to Londoners as sadly millions of people in the UK regularly suffer from lack of food, malnutrition, and hunger. Tonnes of surplus fresh food is literally thrown away every day by supermarkets and restaurants and the Felix Project collects this fresh and nutritious food that cannot otherwise be sold and deliver it to charities and schools around London, providing healthy meals to the most vulnerable in our society.

We have been working with the Felix Project since 2016, donating food and cooking hot meals for the homeless. During the lockdowns our chefs worked in their central kitchens, distributing food to small charities that the Felix Project manages and to local councils to feed the elderly and giving meals to the NHS. We have also worked in the Felix Project’s new kitchen in Stepney, which produces around 5,000 meals a day.

Here at Lazeez, our aim is to give back to the community where we can, as every little donation makes a real difference.

The Felix Project